Galerie Estades

Stéphane Gisclard

Born in 1966 in Béziers (France), he lives and works in the South of France. He is inspired by special atmospheres and paints his town and his region in a contemporary language.

He is a fabulous teller of light. A light that shines from several different directions, satellites of a living composition. A strong line accentuates the reduction of the shadow and light holding areas, the parcels of subtle colors, of compact, interlaced surfaces, to offer a sight on a “genre scene of energetic atmosphere”.

Even if the art of Stéphane Gisclard is inspired by the great masters of cubism (Gris, Braque, Picasso, Metzinger) and African art, he preserves his personality by a strong signature which is always surrounded by the Mediterranean light.

He paints a timeless world, which is hardly tempered by the ambiguous smile of the women. The light, the colors of the south, where he was born, are his constant source of inspiration.

His strongly by Masters of the Paris school influenced works, explode in a harmony of luminous reds, dazzling ocher notes, the dark brown of warm sunny days, supported by the electric blue and green shades from the close seaside The strong line, the subtle color fields, the compact, interlaced surfaces come together to build a “genre scene”.

Stéphane is a painter of breakup and delusion, of port atmosphere and the louche world of night people, where the escape from time, the search for pleasure or division are reflected in the patronizing look of women with heavy eyelids.

The “Galerie Estades” exhibits his works in Toulon, Lyon and Paris and in Germany “Art Deco 1925” is showing parts of his work.

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